Online Back-up

With Support Expert, you will have a hassle free experience of having a skilled professional walk you through what needs to be done. We will provide support remotely so you wouldn’t have to leave the comfort of your couch.

What is Online Back-up?

A lot of users only realize the importance of backing up their files once they experience data loss due to unexpected system crashes. Your computer may contain very important files. Having a back-up will minimize these worries if ever you experience a system crash. There are several ways to do a back-up. You can use an external storage device or an online back-up system.

External storage devices are good but are vulnerable to damage due to external factors like extreme temperature, humidity, etc. There is also a possibility of the data being corrupted due to improper use. An online back-up system is more effective and convenient since you don’t need a separate physical storage device and can usually store more data.

Using an online back-up means storing data in a remote computer server. While external storage devices are susceptible to damage due to environmental factors, online back-up will help you retrieve your files anytime. This method is secure because you can even provide a password to protect your files.

Support Expert’s Online Back-up Support

Our experts are very patient when it comes to helping users do an online back-up. They walk you through the entire process and will help ensure your privacy. At Support Expert, we have trained experts capable of helping you with your various technical needs.